Transformer Iron core

The iron core is the magnetic circuit part of the transformer; In order to reduce the hysteresis and eddy current loss of the iron core under the action of alternating magnetic flux, the iron core is made of high-quality silicon steel sheets with a thickness of 0.35mm or less. At present, cold-rolled grains with high magnetic permeability are widely used in factories to replace silicon steel sheets, so as to reduce the volume and weight, save wires and reduce the heating loss caused by wire resistance.  

The iron core includes two parts: the iron core column and the iron yoke. The iron core column is sheathed with windings, and the iron yoke connects the iron core column to form a closed magnetic circuit. According to the arrangement of windings in the iron core, transformers are divided into iron core type and iron shell type (or core type and shell type for short).  

Single-phase two-core column. This kind of transformer has two iron core columns, which are connected by upper and lower yokes to form a closed magnetic circuit. Both iron core columns are sheathed with high-voltage windings and low-voltage windings. Usually, the low-voltage winding is placed on the inner side, that is, near the iron core, and the high-voltage winding is placed on the outer side, which is easy to meet the insulation grade requirements.

Iron core three-phase transformer has two structures: three-phase three-core column and three-phase five-core column. Three-phase five-core column (or three-phase five-core column) is also called three-phase three-core column side yoke type, which is formed by adding two side yokes (cores without windings) on the outside of three-phase three-core column (or three-phase three-core column), but the sections and heights of the upper and lower iron yokes are smaller than those of ordinary three-phase three-core column.

Post time: May-24-2023