Manufacturer Price Hot Selling 15MVA 20 MVA OLTC Power Transformer 110KV 115KV 132KV Three Phase Oil Immersed Transformer

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15MVA 20 MVA Transformer Price 35kv 69KV 110kv High Voltage OLTC Power Transformer

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JIEZOU POWER GROUP Co.,Ltd. is located in Haian City, JIEZOU POWER GROUP where close to Anhui. JieZhou was established in 1989, owns more than 50 engineers and 500 employees , occupies 60,000 square meter , annual sales is more than USD30,000,000. We have very strong production ability , advance production technology,professionally in production of dry transformer, oil immersed transformer, auto-transformer , isolation transformer, substation , switchgear, distribution box, transformer winding of enameled wire. Since origination,it has been persisting in taking the science and technology as the forerunner,the abundant technology as a backing,and positively introducing the overseas advanced technology,unceasingly improve and consummate the products, many years specialized management,the product best-selling nation,While exports to Myanmar,India,Russia,Indonesia,Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, some of them are well sold to the world meanwhile receive high praise from the majority of customers.

Our Advantage

Product advantage:
1. The product has the advantages of small loss, low noise and high efficiency, which can achieve good energy saving effect and reduce pollution.
2. The fully sealed transformer eliminates the need for oil storage tank. The change of oil quantity is automatically adjusted and compensated by the elasticity of the corrugated board of the corrugated tank.
3. The transformer is isolated from the air to prevent and slow down the deterioration of oil and insulation aging.

Company advantage:
We are a big professional manufacturer of transformer, substation,HV and LV switchgear, established in 2006 year.400V~220kV Oil Immersed Power Transformer are all available here.And the products match IEC, IEEE, ANSI, , GOST standard, we have high quality, fast delivery, guarantee after-sales service and factory price.


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