About Us

Company Profile

JIEZOU POWER,act as a designer,manufacturer and installer of power system solution around the World, was founded in 2000 year, occupies 200,000 square meter.

JIEZOU POWER, mainly manages power grid projects, 500KV EPC ,230KV hydroelectric power plant,115KV power substation,etc.

JIEZOU POWER has own factory can manufacture from 2KV to 500KV 240MVA power transformer,GIS switchgear,substation,and ANSI/IEEE/DOE2016/CSA/IEC60076 standard distribution transformers.

JIEZOU POWER successively obtain ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO45001,UL,CUL,CSA certificate; SGS,TUV,INTERTEK,TYPE TEST REPORT .

Until 2023 year, branch companies are distributed in United States,Canada,UK,Suriname, UAE,Ethiopia,Philippines,Uzbekistan. And has branch factories and companies in BengBu city,FengYang city,HaiAn city,XuZhou city,SuZhou city,ShenYang city,YanTai city, FoShan city in China.

Looking into the future, JIEZOU POWER's vision is to be the most trusted power system solution provider, solve the World's most urgent power management challenges, accelerate the planet's transition to renewable energy. So that everyone can have a more low-carbon and bright life. To this end, we will do our utmost to make efforts.

was established in
occupies 200,000 square meter
more than 500 employees
more than 50 engineers

Why Choose Us

Our products are widely used in North and South America, Middle East, Middle Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. We have complete and effective quality control system and test system, strictly based on IEC standard, IEEE standard, ISO standard. We have CE, CCC, CQC, TYPE TEST REPORT, UL, KEMA, etc certificates, it improves our company’s competitiveness and achieve company’s development sustainably.

We are guided by our commitment to do business right, to operate sustainably and to help our customers manage power ─ today and well into the future. By capitalizing on the global growth trends of electrification and digitalization, we’re accelerating the planet’s transition to renewable energy and helping to solve the world’s most urgent power management challenges.

Meet Your Needs

JIEZOU POWER Offering a multitude of configurations and accessories to meet a wide range of application demands, Eaton's Cooper Power series three-phase pad-mount transformers are engineered-to-order and manufactured to exact customer specifications. Some models from stock are also available for emergency situations. Utilizing FR3 high-fire-point dielectric fluid, the liquid-filled transformers enhance fire safety while providing environmental benefits and increasing equipment longevity. FR3 fluid is readily biodegradable, non-toxic and provides sustainable performance at a low cost. Mineral oil and other alternative fluids are also available.